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Who We Are

Created in 2021, DocBridge (formerly MARCo Community) came from the idea that medical training is an experience shared across the country by students, residents, fellows, and anybody else in the training process, so there should be a place for them to connect and relate to one another in a safe and private space.


Please fill out this brief form to request to join DocBridge. Utilizing these questions allows us to ensure privacy and safety for our members as much as possible.

How did you hear about DocBridge?

Where are you in the process of your medical training?

Note: This is a community for anybody from the United States pursuing an MD or DO degree and subsequent residency, as well as those in the application process for medical residency in the United States after receiving their degree elsewhere.

What are you hoping to gain from this community?

Note: We are a community of trainees, and our mission is to support one another during medical training. While we can share stories and foster connections, we are not able to help with finding residency or clinical experience positions.